4.5 years. That’s how long I’ve been saying “I’m going to start a blog!”. I wanted to, I had the desire. I had plenty of ideas and the support of my husband & friends. Maybe they were just being polite, but everyone I mentioned it to said “you should totally start a blog!” and “I’d read it!” (You better be reading it now, Friends! You know who you are!) So why did it take so long? I bet you already know the answer…


Yep. Kids. Three of them to be exact. It’s all their fault. I mean, I guess you could say it’s our fault, my husband and I, for getting knocked up and all. But who knew that those adorable babies would be so damn cute you just had to hold them?!? Or that they’d want to be held ALL.THE.TIME. That they’d get older and crawl and pull up on stuff and get into dangerous things?!  Make messes, empty out the tupperware drawer the second you turned your back, eat rocks, try to shove things into the electrical outlets? Who knew they’d want you to play with them…and that you’d want to play too! That you could spend literally hours reading kids’ books…and enjoy it! That they could drive you absolutely insane and yet you’d still love them so much that you would literally do anything for them, even wipe their poop butts and gladly take their gooey boogers. Your life becomes laundry and dishes and diapers and pretend and silly songs and reading the same book 8 million times and baths and wiping away tears and trying to get them to sleep…who knew that they would NOT NAP!?!?!?!?!?????!!! Seriously, lets pause on that one, all joking aside. We all know kids are work and take time, but I assumed they’d sleep or nap or both. It’s sort of a biological necessity. Or not, as it turns out. #1 slept pretty well, as long as I let him fall asleep on me. Fine. First kid. Second did not nap more than 40 minutes at once the entire first year. And she is the world’s lightest sleeper, that’s super fun when her brother is only 17 months older. Third kid didn’t even come close to sleeping through the night until he was 18 months…and often work up screaming uncontrollably. Now add in the fact that I had three babies in three years…I was in a constant state of sleep deprivation for 4.5 years. FOUR AND A HALF YEARS, people! I am only just now beginning to feel human again. Which brings me back to the blog…

Yeah, so here we are, the first blog post. I sort of hate that it’s a “mom” blog post, but the reality is, that’s my life right now. And I do love it, even the messy bits (and let’s be honest, it’s all messy, even the sweet kisses). I don’t plan on this being just a blog about kids or being a mom. I am a mom, yes, but I am so much more. I’m a friend, wife, and daughter too. I’m a neighbor (in the best neighborhood ever, more on that later) and I adore our old home and all the projects that go with its restoration and upkeep. I have hobbies (reading, craftiness, sewing, baking) and passions (the environment, public education, women’s rights, social activism…it’s a long list). So if you’re a little over the #momlife blogs, I get that. But stick with me, I think I have a little more to offer… 🙂

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