Bug Birthday!

This little dude is FIVE!


And we had a BUG party to celebrate! “What exactly did you do at this bug party?” you ask. Well…

We did a lot of playing. Our friends are all amazing parents, just like us (obviously!), and generally subscribe to the “go entertain yourselves” philosophy of child rearing. So mostly the kids just ran around the backyard, climbed on top of the playhouse (why would one just play inside when you can stand on the roof?!?), dug in the dirt and rocks, and generally acted like kids. It was great. We had yummy, health-ish snacks for them and, more importantly, beer and wine for the adults.


We also had ladybugs. About 9,000 of them to be exact. No, that is not a typo. You can order live ladybugs, sold generally as natural pest control, for pretty cheap. I could probably write a whole blog post on the dos and don’ts of ladybugs at parties now, but the gist is we originally were going to hand out little magnifying bug jars full of ladybugs that the kiddos could take home. But that sort of backfired (you try getting ladybugs into a small container without the other 8,987 escaping). Instead we had a giant mosquito net, the kids came in, and we opened up the bag of ladybugs. It was amazingly awesome, beautiful chaos! The kids LOVED it! There were ladybugs flying and crawling everywhere, kids were covered. Eventually each kid did get to fill the little jar and take some home to their own garden. I think this was the coolest part of the party…and I know the birthday boy agreed.

So as I said above, we tend to let the kids just be kids and have unstructured play. Last year we had a construction party and literally the only “planned” thing was a giant pile of rocks, which they all happily played in for hours! In fact, I’ve never done any sort of games at our kids’ parties. But this year my son was adamant that he wanted a bug scavenger hunt.  So I’m trying to figure out how the hell I am going to lead 20+ kids, ages 2-6, on a bug scavenger hunt in the middle of a city when I have my genius moment – plastic bugs! Henry and I had so much fun, before the party, making our scavenger hunt lists with actual pictures of the bugs. Of course, because I wanted it to be “fair” and I’m a little Type A (just a little, I swear), each list had to be different!  Then for the party we hid the bugs all over our front lawn. Kids received their list and went searching – they loved it! Everyone was so excited when they’d found all of their bugs and even more excited when they realized that they got to take them home. (Best part was watching the older kids helping the little ones or even just helping a friend search for that last elusive one.)IMG_8712

Having the scavenger hunt out front was key – it allowed us to hide the bugs before hand and give everyone a fair start, but it also got everyone excited to move out front, where we had the piñata. (We don’t have a good spot for it in the backyard). Henry was insistent on a piñata. There was a lot of debate about what it would be…of course he wanted a praying mantis and then a centipede (“with all 100 legs!”) and insisted I could make these. Sweet, foolish boy. I know my own limits. And patience.  There was to be no piñata making. This bad boy cost us only $15 on amazon.


I mean, it’s a piñata. You get to hit it and it’s filled with candy and toys. Kids would love it no matter what it looked like. Every party should have a piñata.

There was more play and more ladybug watching and more snacks…and the bouncy balls from the piñata were thrown and bounced and lost and generally the most entertaining cheap toy ever. But you know, all good things must come to an end. So we brought out the cake (no pics! arg!) and cupcakes…


You know I always bake my own. Always. It’s my thing…like I could do everything else perfect and they could swear it’s the best birthday ever and I could spend a gazillion dollars on the party and presents…but if Momma doesn’t bake them a cake, clearly I don’t love them. (I realize this is a weird hang up. Leave me alone.) So chocolate cake (double layer) and mini-cupcakes were baked, chocolate icing was made, oreos were crushed up, and gummy worms were strategically placed (actually,  they were thrown on haphazardly because the kids were underfoot and I had a time crunch). Anyway, we sang Happy Birthday, he blew out the “5” candle, we ate  “dirt and worm” cupcakes, and everyone got to leave on a sugar high. It was awesome. Henry proudly declared, post party, that it was “the BEST bug party ever!”. Happy Birthday Boy = Happy Momma

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    • I will try to find it. My computer crashed during the pandemic and I’ve just been in denial about it – but I need to try to pull things off of there and, if I can, I will post/share! Glad you liked it!


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