An egg-celent activity!

Move over all you Pinterest Bitches, there’s a new mom in town!

Ok, I’m not a new mom. And I’m not new to Pinterest. And this isn’t really a novel idea (truth – a friend, who is a badass mom, did the alphabet one which I spied on FB!). So yeah, I’m not kicking any Pinterest Queens off their thrones anytime soon (or ever). But sometimes I do see some good ideas I just know will work for us or think of a way to alter for our needs. My criteria are easy, cheap, not-messy, and easy (did I mention easy?). And I can test it out on my three for you. So here’s one that my kids are loving…

Math Eggs 1

Yep…plastic easter eggs, sharpie marker. That’s your materials list. I didn’t want my son to “cheat” and just match colors, hence the mismatched eggs. He just turned five (as you know from the Bug Birthday Party post), so we started with the lower numbers, but he loved it so much, we had to do them all. I took them all apart and separated them into top halves (the actual math equation) and bottom halves (the “answer” or single number). He would pick a top half, read it out loud, and then do the math (with my assistance for some of the harder ones)…then he’d find the bottom, connect them, and throw them in the basket. As you can see, for bigger numbers, like 10, I had several different equations…I also made sure that all the tops that equal, say nine, fit together with all the “9” bottoms (I hope that makes sense). I was so proud, he noticed right away and said “Gee, there are a lot of ways to make 10!” BINGO! Love when things click.

Math Eggs 2

Proud of his math skills!

Anyway, on a roll and not wanting my daughter (3) to feel left out, I made her an alphabet set (idea stolen from my friend!)…they’re just as awesome and just as easy! Sharpie, plastic eggs…that’s it! And maybe a bucket or bag for them to be carried/stored in because they have a tendency to not stay put. Again, I did mismatched colors so she wouldn’t just color match…

Alphabet Eggs 1

Once the alphabet eggs were completed, we just had to get started “right now, Momma! RIGHT NOW!” First, I separated them all and she matched them up. She did a pretty good job and we didn’t go in any order…she just picked one up, stated which letter it was, and then looked for it’s match. Once they were all together, we put them in alphabetical order which was tricky what with the eggs rolling and her little brother grabbing them and trying to throw them at her. (and I totally laughed, only encouraging him. #momfail) But she did it and she was so proud of herself. Just look at that face…

Alphabet Eggs 2

Having fun learning!

So that’s it. Fits my criteria of easy, cheap, and mess-free. Bonus: I don’t have to store the eggs and then search for them next year. 🙂

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