Quick and easy shape sorting.

Big brother had a school project and needed help. Little sister and brother were jealous and wanted their own project. IMG_9829Viola, shape sorting, complete with their favorite thing – glue sticks! This took me all of five minutes (during nap time) to prep – and I made three of them! 🙂

Simply take a large piece of paper and draw a few large shapes on them.  IMG_9832I did simple – triangle, square, rectangle, and circle – since my youngest just turned two. Then use construction paper and/or scrap paper to cut out several of each shape. Keep in mind that these need to fit inside the drawn shapes and you likely want them busy for awhile, so cut out enough to keep them occupied. IMG_9833They need to be small enough to fit but large enough for little hands. 🙂 That’s it for your prep! The kids will then simply glue each small shape inside the correct large shape. My kids had fun, practiced shapes, worked on their motor skills, had art work to show off at the end, and were occupied while I helped big brother. That’s a win-win, virtually free, and super easy. 🙂


Please excuse the “dirty” table – it’s our $20 art & craft table and despite daily cleaning, this is just what it looks like. I was going to repaint it, but I have three kids who use it every day. 


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