Another Teacher (or Grandma or Neighbor or Coworker) Gift…

Real quick…this is one of the things we did for our teachers this year for Teacher Appreciation Week. This would also be great for Mother’s Day, a neighbors birthday, a pick-me-up for a friend or coworker, etc. If you need more ideas for teachers (and others!), see my previous posts…Teacher Appreciation Week (part 1)Teacher Appreciation Week (part 2), Teacher Back to School Gift, and Thank a Teacher Today!


I stumbled upon the planters at Target in the dollar section – oh my god, that dollar spot is killer! – and just bought some herbs, soil, and little wooden markers (small and large) at my local garden center (we always support local when possible!). This is great because the kids had fun helping me plant and then they could write a message and sign their name on the larger wooden marker. We wrote “thank you for a great year” on one side of and they signed their name on the other. We wrote the name of the plants on the small markers (we did thyme and lavender). It’s a cute gift that has a bit of a homemade feel, but isn’t just “clutter” or too Pinterest-over-the-top and has a practical side too since it’s fresh herbs. And the grand total for 8 planters was right at $50…not bad at all!


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