Welcome to the Family!

Well, we had a baby. Actually, we already had three (as you know) and so we had a FOURTH baby. And you know what? Turns out, the fourth time is the charm, for us anyway. I had a great pregnancy, a fantastic birth, postpartum is going very well *knock on wood*, and our family feels complete. Whole. Perfect. We are all head-over-heels in love!



Sooooo….back to blogging! I took a little over five weeks completely off from most of life. It was FANTASTIC! Only took me four times, but I figured out this whole taking care of yourself thing and I truly said “no” to almost everything and just relaxed and healed and held my baby and spent time with my family. But I am rejoining the real world and that includes blogging, which I enjoy.

I’m thinking I need a birth post and a post on what to do (and not to do) when you visit someone with a newborn…I know those exist, but some don’t seem very “real world”. Speaking of real, I think I need a “all the real shit no one tells you” …like about pregnancy and childbirth and the newborn stage. What else should I talk about? Cloth diapering? What about how I keep track of our busy schedule? More food posts…like real people food posts, not chef shit that kids won’t eat and real people don’t have time to make. Oh, could also do a baby led weaning post…

So, give me some ideas and let me know what you want to see in future posts!


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