Real Life Strikes Again

I just sat down at the computer – the REAL computer, not my phone or iPad – to finally get back into blogging. Well, writing. I don’t really care about the blog part, I just like writing, getting things out of my head, it helps me feel sane. And a little connected. Anyway, I literally just sat down after doing ALL the chores I do during nap time…lunch dishes, switch the laundry and start a new load, picking up toys that made their way to the middle of the hallway (?), checking email, all the things associated with my “work” of running a food pantry, called the doctor back, cleaned up the crayon the dog ate…thought I’d have some time to write. Nope, the baby is stirring. Of course. He hasn’t started fussing yet, but he is awake. And this situation just about sums up what I was going to write about anyway – how I just haven’t had time to write! Life! Life is so wonderful and chaotic and beautiful and busy and the little things that shouldn’t take up all my time somehow do and I am absolutely certain that “they” are right, some day I will miss a lot of this…but I also think someday I will NOT miss all the little chores or the inability to sit and “relax” for a few minutes. Sure, I will miss my babies being babies and the snuggles and first steps and their sweet little voices, but I don’t think I’ll miss changing poop diapers or temper tantrums because I wouldn’t let them stick a toy into the electrical outlet. And while I am sure I will miss some of the hustle and bustle of a house full of kids, I hope I remember to appreciate the alone time whenever it does come.

So for now, my foray back into blogging will have to be short. But that’s ok, I learned a lesson today – write first, dishes later. 🙂

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