The Fort’s Newest Addition

Everyone loves the fort we built….our kids, friends who come play on it, parents who see it, even strangers on the internet – it’s been pinned hundreds of times! So I thought everyone would like to see the cool thing we added to it…

Fort Pulley

Yep, a pulley! Complete with easy open hook so you can pull anything up or lower anything down, in a bucket or otherwise. And trust me, we’ve already tried to pull up just about every item in the backyard!

I have no work-in-progress pics, that would make too much sense and require some actual planning. My oldest asked for a pulley for Christmas, so we’ve had the pulley, eye hooks, rope, and clasp since then. We finally had a nice day and before I knew it, a saw was out and this was built. But you can see pretty clearly from the picture what we did. The only real measuring we did was have our kids stick their arms out to be sure they could reach the bucket/rope. 🙂 Overall, it was a quick and inexpensive project and they already love it.


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