Making Lemonade Out of Lemons (seriously)

So my daughter saw a big bag of lemons (organic!) at Costco and BEGGED me to buy them to make lemonade. I mean, the kid asked for fruit and suggested a fun, easy activity – how could I say “no”?! Bought the lemons and realized I didn’t have a pitcher in which to make lemonade, since my very favorite glass pitcher broke last year. Luckily Target is awesome and I go there often….found this super cute, perfect-sized glass carafe for only $6…clearly, it was meant to be. I suggest you go get one now…not sure why I didn’t buy an extra, I will be going back!

lemonade 1

Anyway, the two little kids helped (biggest was at school)…they washed and then cut the lemons into wedges for easy squeezing (they made me squeeze!). FYI: we have these kid-safe knives and use them all the time – the kids love to help, it keeps them occupied while I make dinner, and I swear they eat more/try more things when they’ve helped prepare. Anyway, back to the lemonade…we used the juice from four large lemons, added about four spoonfuls of sugar (organic cane sugar), and filled with water right up to the middle of the neck (the pic is after the kids each has a cup!). And ta-da! LEMONADE! It was perfect for us, maybe a tad sour for some, but generally, that’s the “measurements” for this container.

So easy, fun little activity, and the kids were thrilled to drink it outside on a beautiful day. Clearly I should win some sort of Martha-Stewart/Mom-of-the-Year award for this one. 😉 But seriously, it’s not something that was really on my radar, but it is always fun to get the kids involved and it felt like such a “summer” thing. You should try it! 🙂

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