We love our playroom. In fact, it may be my favorite room in the whole house. It’s bright and cheerful with great natural light, there are plenty of toys to keep them entertained, but not so many that they get overwhelmed, its totally kid-proof so I don’t have to be in there with them, and, best of all, I can simply shut the door on the mess and not have to see it! Our kids don’t do screen time, so this room gets a lot of use! Take a look… (product links after pics!)…


Rainbow “drapes” from Ikea (unfortunately, no longer made!)


This Market Stand is originally from Land of Nod (they no longer make it) but I bought it used for $20 (!!!) and repainted the top. 


Ikea Trofast system of frames/shelves and bins. (see link below)


Ikea Trofast system bins. (see link below) I made the labels myself…simply took a photo and used Power Point (my personal preference) to add the words.


The ball pit! We used our old phil n teds travel bed and filled with balls purchased on Amazon.


Felt Banner! (see link below)


Dress Up Closet is also from the Ikea Trofast system. The mirrors are also Ikea. (see link below)


Dress Up Closet is also from the Ikea Trofast system. (see link below)


#3 playing with Little People. We LOVE the Fisher Price Little People (as you can see!).

Want to make your playroom this cute and colorful?! Here are some links to products. And no, I get nothing from this, no kickbacks, just sharing! 🙂 If I haven’t included a link for something you’re interested in, just ask and I’ll let you know where I found it!

Ikea Trofast Storage Frames & Bins

Ball Pit Balls, Amazon (I believe we have 3 sets)

Phil n Teds Travel Crib, Amazon (we love this as a travel bed and as a ball pit, although I notice the design has changed some; my fav feature was that it would fit in my suitcase and weighs so little)

Felt Flag Banner, Amazon

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