I can’t say this enough…don’t forget your teachers!

While we all want to start the new year fresh, maybe with recently konmari-ed closets, our poor teachers (often literally poor because we don’t pay public school teachers enough!) are starting the new calendar year with broken crayons, dried up markers, and stubby pencils. Worse, to restock their dwindling supplies, they have to use their own money (side note: when I taught public school, I spent hundreds of my own money every year…and that was just what I kept track of!). That’s where you come in…you can help a teacher and show your appreciation by simply asking them what they need and helping them procure it! It’s the least you can do for someone who spends hours every day, week after week, with your perfectly-behaved little darling. 😉

If you have it within your own budget, then please, go pick up their needed supplies, stick on a quick “thank you for all you do” post it note, and make them feel loved and appreciated. That’s what we did last week…I asked my two kids’ teachers what they most needed, they told me, and we delivered. (Also, think what a great lesson this is for your kids!)


Kinder needed glue sticks and 1st grade needed dry erase markers!

If your personal budget doesn’t allow or their needs list is quite lengthy, then ask for their wish list and share it with other parents or even neighbors – you might be surprised who is willing to help with specific needs. Last year, I asked our public school kinder teachers what they needed and had a small list…I posted it on our local neighborhood Facebook page and several generous people, who didn’t even have kids at the school, dropped all of the items on my porch within two days! Our teachers were so shocked and you could tell it really inspired them to know the whole community cared! Plus, what kid doesn’t get excited about fresh crayons?! You can also pool your money with other parents…a small $5 donation from 10-20 families can really add up and can restock their entire classroom with things they need to finish the year (glue sticks, copy paper, Clorox wipes).

One more note – you don’t have to just ask your own kids’ classroom teacher! If your teacher doesn’t need anything or has already been taken care of, ask another teacher! Don’t forget specials teachers like the librarian and music teacher; or the reading specialist or special education teachers!

It really is the little things and it really does take a village, whether raising kids or teaching them. 🙂




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