Instagram Deceit

I just posted this pic on IG….


And while it is true that I was about to do some meal planning and make sure my calendar was up-to-date. And also it was true that I had gotten a (yummy) cookie and coffee to assist me with that task. This picture is not really truthful. What I didn’t take a picture of was the messy kitchen counter or the basket full of clothes to be folded. What you can’t tell is that the coffee has been reheated three times already. And this was my fourth (and probably not last) cookie today. And I didn’t mention in my post that about 30 seconds after this was snapped the baby woke up. Again. And the reason I have to sit down with a coffee to “update” my calendar is because my freaking inbox is so overflowing, I have no idea what is going on past today (and I’m probably forgetting something today, if I’m honest).

So, while the picture is maybe an accurate snapshot of one split second, if is not an accurate portrayal of my day. Or my life. My life is much messier. I think most of IG is like that…not so much out-and-out lies, but certainly not a realistic representation of real life or a normal day. And I also think knowing that, taking everything you see on social media with a grain is salt, is maybe one of the keys to modern day happiness. 😉

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